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My Services

I offer one on one appointments for Individuals, Couples and Families to provide Marriage and Family Counseling, along with Parenting, Couples Counseling, Engaged Couples for Premarital Counseling, and Bereaved Individuals.  Couples suffering with pain from Infertility, Divorce Recovery, Blended Family Issues, Adoption, The many faces of Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Work and Career Dilemmas, Life Change and Transition Issues, and Career Counseling, all coming from a Christian perspective. 

I feel it is greatly important to educate clients about their issues so that they can make informed choices for their future.  Psychoeducation is a big part of your treatment here at New Horizons Counseling.

Stress reduction can create a healthier lifestyle for you.  Reducing anxiety can produce many hours of free time where worry once took over.  Reducing depressive symptoms can allow an individual to function at a normal level while adding social activities, more productive rest and enjoying hobbies once again, which had stopped or decreased due to the depressive symptoms taking over their life.   Working on your depressive symptoms increase your quality of life dramatically.

Divorce alone can cause lifelong pain which moves right into future relationships, if not addressed.  Remarriage also creates new issues for families due to the nature of two new families learning to blend together into one.  Grief and Loss can paralyze an individual for a lifetime if not treated.  Loss and transition can come in many forms in today's rapidly changing world.

Adoption issues can be addressed for newly formed forever families and infertility issues for families who see no hope of creating a biological family unit. 

Medication Management is handled through several Psychiatrists in the area with whom I coordinate care or through your family doctor, if you wish.

Together, we will look for solutions to problems which may not be apparent at the moment but are options for dealing with the issues surrounding your life.